100 watt Heat Lamp (Par 32)

100 watt tempered glass (Par 32) heat Lamp. Available in clear or red glass
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$19.90 (NZD)
$17.91 (NZD)

High Quality, Genuine Interheat InfraRed Heat Lamps are the professionals choice. These are the standard tempered glass Par38 heat lamp.

If your preferred option is to have light available, these high quality 100 watt tempered (hardened) glass heat lamps are the best choice.

These are ideal for use with Poultry, Pigs, Pups, kids and most farm animals pre-weaning age.

Note; These are NOT suitable for InfraRed Saunas.

Note: These heat lamps produce an intense heat, therefore it is important a good quality ceramic lamp holder is used at all times. Click here to view our range of heat lamp shades.

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