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Picture of Plastic Egg Tray (single)

Plastic Egg Tray (single)

Very handy, washable, re-usable plastic egg trays.
Picture of Egg Tray Transport Crate

Egg Tray Transport Crate

Durable heavy duty egg tray transport crate, will hold 12 x 30 egg trays. (Total of 360 eg...
Picture of Poultry Transport Crate - Large

Poultry Transport Crate - Larg...

Large poultry crate designed specifically suitable for transporting chickens and other pou...
Picture of Egg Washer

Egg Washer

Monarch Electric E150 Egg Washer + basket.
Picture of Egg Wash Powder

Egg Wash Powder

WHITE SANOSOL SANITISER - MPI approved egg wash powder. Water soluble powder for egg washi...
Picture of Electric, Portable Feather plucker.

Electric, Portable Feather plu...

High quality feather plucker, Made in Holland. Strip feathers off a 3 kgs bird in less tha...
Picture of Feather plucker fingers (Per each)

Feather plucker fingers (Per e...

Soft, tapered plucking finger for Olba plucking machine or suitable for home made machines...
Picture of My Cozy Nest

My Cozy Nest

This laying nest offers your hens a comfortable and protected place to lay their eggs. Top...
Picture of Nest-o-Matic Roll-Away Laying Box

Nest-o-Matic Roll-Away Laying ...

Nest-o-Matic automatic roll-away nesting box. Stop dirty eggs, Stop egg eaters, Stop brood...
Picture of Nest Box Liner - Pre cut

Nest Box Liner - Pre cut

Nesting box liner. Pre cut to 300mm x 300mm. Stop dirty eggs and control red mite!
Picture of Nest Box Liner - 1 meter wide

Nest Box Liner - 1 meter wide

Nesting box liner. Cut to length 1000mm wide x per mm. Stop dirty eggs and control red m...
Picture of Egg Skelter

Egg Skelter

A brilliant way to store and use your eggs in date order.
Picture of Weather Vane

Weather Vane

Dress up your coop with one of these awesome top quality NZ Made Weather Vanes!
Picture of Wood Shavings

Wood Shavings

Untreated shavings suitable for brooder boxes, coops and any animal bedding
Picture of Feed Scoops

Feed Scoops

Feed scoops. Available in both plastic or aluminium - 3 handy sizes.
Picture of DE Mite Powder Applicator

DE Mite Powder Applicator

Our all new powder shaker makes applying the likes of Smite Organic and mite powders a bre...
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