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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Check out next year’s 2014 Extraordinary Chickens Calendar - It’s a real beauty, Limited stocks available.

All new - Pecker Block - A gourmet treat for your free range friends.

Spring is here, the daffodils are in full bloom the weather is definitely warming and the chooks are almost back into the full swing of laying... One down side to the warming weather is the red mite are heading back out of hibernation and starting to make themselves at home and claiming a free feast off our feathered friends. Time to get stuck in and Smite the Mite!

Order yours here.


In just another couple of weeks time we will have first shipment of Smite Organic (Diatomaceous Earth)

A fabulous follow-up treatment for your animals housing after mucking in and cleaning out with the Smite Pro.

If you would like to know how good this stuff really is - have a read of our DE article by clicking here 

Smite Organic Powder can be Pre-ordered here


Thinking about hatching your own chooks or ducks this year - but been a little apprehensive and don't know when to begin? Well, here’s where you go and take a look at our new complete start up packages!

Something for everyone & everything you need to get started in to raising your very own backyard poultry.

All incubators and accessories come complete with easy to follow, user friendly instructions!

And if thats not enough, we have plenty of items right here on ourwebsite you can download for further information or simply drop us a line – we are more than happy to answer your questions...

Please note; Due to high demand, some of the smaller start up packages have completely sold out, We have further stock due to land in just a couple of weeks time. (ETA 15th September)

And last but certainly not least - We have selected not 2 but 5 winners for the Guess the Chick Competion!

For full results of the competion - please click here

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9/2/2013 11:23 PM

Great site guys!!!

You have a very professional and informative site guys. keep up the great work. If I had a farm in NZ Id be one of your best customers! I have always loved chickens and when I lived up North a had a lovely Red Shaver as a pet (her name was 'Chicky') She was very tame and such a good layer too. I miss the farm life but your site brings back wonderful memories of my life on the farm. Love to you and kids Mel xox  : )