BetaDrench - Herbal Worming Drench

BetaVet's BetaDrench is a 100% Natural Herbal product - Absolutely safe to use with NIL Egg or Meat withholding.

BetaVet’s BetaDrench Formula One is a medicinal herbal drench scientifically formulated and tested for organic livestock and poultry farms.
BetaVet is the first clinically trialled, effective and safe herbal worming treatment for the New Zealand organic farming industry. In developing this certified drench, BetaVet used its extensive herbal knowledge, worldwide scientific studies and Massey University trials.
Credible clinical data and controlled trials at Massey University using BetaDrench showed a significant reduction in faecal egg counts of mixed nematodes in late spring lambs.
BetaVet’s potent herbal formulation for controlling internal parasites comprises myrrh, wormwood, black walnut hulls and essential clove oil. The bitter-tasting formula is also beneficial for digestion.

Recommended dosages: Poultry

Simply add 10mls to 1l drinking water - For best results, dose for 1-3 days as required. A follow-up dose two weeks later may be necessary for tail-enders (to break the worms breeding cycle). Nil withholding for meat or eggs being produced for human consumption.

Recommended dosages: Other animals

Lambs, 20-40kg 10-20ml
Sheep, goats, calves, 50-100kg 20-30ml
Weaners, 100-200kg 30 ml
Cattle, alpacas and llamas, 300kg+ 30-40ml

Note: Not recommended for animals in early pregnancy

Picture of BetaDrench - Herbal Worming Drench 500mls
BetaDrench - Herbal Worming Drench 500mls
with handy measure bottle
$119.90 (NZD)
$109.00 (NZD)
Picture of BetaDrench - Herbal Worming Drench 200mls
BetaDrench - Herbal Worming Drench 200mls
$59.90 (NZD)

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