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Black chick concept & design Black chick incubators have been manufacturing since 1979. Originally used for their own black chicken and pheasant breeding farm in Thailand.

For over 20 years, they have been selling their range of products to breeders throughout the world for chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, quails, partridges, ostriches, emus, parrots - even crocodiles and reptiles.

These products have been designed from their own farming experience and the range is impressive from small to medium size incubators and brooders and now a range of large commercial / industrial sized machines all featuring modern digital technology and control systems backed up with built in safety thermostat and thermal fuse protection.

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Picture of Black Chick 54 AE

Black Chick 54 AE

Stock Clearance, Last one! Compact cabinet incubator featuring Black Chick own unique tilt...
Picture of Black Chick 72 AE

Black Chick 72 AE

Stock Clearance! Compact cabinet incubator featuring Black Chick own unique tilting tray /...
Picture of Black Chick 504 AE

Black Chick 504 AE

Stock Clearance! large cabinet incubator featuring Black Chick's own unique tilting tray /...
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