Brinsea "High Intensity" OvaView Candling lamp

"High Intensity" designed for the absolute darkest of eggs
$99.00 (NZD)

Brinsea’s High Intensity Ovascope Candling lamp is a huge step forward in candling.

Battery operated for versatility, the lamp uses LED lighting so power consumption is greatly reduced, heat output is no longer such a concern, and the brightness of this High Intensity version is sufficient to give a clear view even of dark shelled and mottled eggs. 

The High Intensity Ovaview also comes with an rubber adapter for viewing smaller eggs (for example quail eggs)

Really a fantastic step forward and significantly cheaper than the older model candlers as well!

You can also use it with Brinsea’s Ovascope to give the sort of view of developing embryos that you imagine in the laboratory rather than on the lifestyle block.

This is the High Intensity Ovaview.  Also available is the standard Ovaview Plus a Ovascope combo pack for a saving on the multi purchase, and the standard version of the Ovaview if you don’t need High Intensity lighting.  Unfortunately the High Intensity version is not available in a combo pack with the Ovascope.

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