Brown Shaver Pullets.

13 week old Brown Shaver Pullets. (POL November)
$26.00 (NZD)

(Please note: Bookings are essential, please phone, email or order your hens online before visiting our store)

Brown shaver pullets available now, very limited numbers available for this age group... 13 weeks old @ 21/09/18

Juvenile pullets will not be suitable to mix with older hens due to size and dietary requirements. Grower feed is required to carry them through to POL. (Approx 20 to 24 weeks) Blending new hens with an existing flock can take place from approx 18 to 20 weeks old onwards.

We guarantee our hens, they're all vaccinated, perching and ready for their loving new homes - so no training required - just let them go and enjoy - A wonderful addition to any backyard. 


Brown Shaver is the preferred hen used by most commercial battery and free range egg farms.

Their food to egg conversion ratio is incredible. Better still, these girls will be fantastic pets, as are very docile, tame easily and are very hardy & easy to care for.
You should expect these girls to produce in their first season approx 320 + eggs per hen, with her first season lasting for approx 12 to 15 months.
The Shavers will have 2 very good seasons in them, with a decline in egg production of approx 20% each season.

We recommend replacing your hens approx every 2 to 3 years.

 Please note;

To cover our feeding costs, these pullets might increase in price by $1.00 per week. Price may vary from date ordered to collection date.

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