Coops & Hen Houses

Choosing the right hen house is a big decision, many people fall into the trap of buying "Cheap" wooden coops (usually made in China) as it looks like a bargain. These hen houses often look good for a while, but do not last and invariably need replacing after just a year or two at best. Please be aware that some poultry houses for sale can be rather misleading about how many birds will fit inside. Your coop needs to be big enough for the number of chickens you have, well ventilated and easy to clean. Our Chicken Coop designs ensure your birds have plenty of space in the coop. And as you can get quite addicted to keeping chickens, so assume you may get more and may need a bigger coop than you first thought!

It's very important to take your time and research the best hen house for you, your needs and your environment – your purchase should be an investment that will protect your birds and make life easy for you to look after them.

All hen houses have their pros and cons – At Chook Manor, we have spent a great deal of time researching and testing all of our hen house designs and materials used.

We believe that our Chicken Coops are the solution to hen keepers needs – they are practical, well designed, great looking and functional – which really makes the perfect recipe for happy healthy hens! – remember, a happy chook is a healthy chook