Chick Starter Crumble

Chicks choice, chick starter crumble for day old chicks through to 8 weeks of age.

Weston Brand - A complete feed for day old chicks.

This complete feed formula is designed specifically for chicks from day old through to 8 weeks of age.


  • High protein and energy levels designed to ensure strong growth rates and feather development.
  • Contains the essential minerals and vitamins to saticfy the requirements of this stage of a chicks life.
  • Medicated feed, contains a coccidistat as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.
  • Feed ad lib as sole diet to chicks to eight weeks of age, then change to Grower through to point of lay.
Note: Can also be fed to mother hen whilst she is raising her young, discard eggs if she proceeds to lay whilst still brooding.

Not to be fed to Laying Hens or Dogs, Cats or Ruminant Animals.


Special delivery offer for 25 kgs bags... 2 day service only $5.00 to Christchurch metro. 

Due to weight constraints with couriers - Shipping is not available outside of Canterbury for the 25kgs bags.

Picture of Chick Starter Crumble 25 kgs
Chick Starter Crumble 25 kgs
$37.00 (NZD)
Picture of Chick Starter Crumble 10 kgs
Chick Starter Crumble 10 kgs
$22.50 (NZD)

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