Chook Grower

Chook Grow, chick and duckling grower feed for chicks from 8 weeks through to point of lay. (Ducklings from 5 weeks to point of lay)

This is premium quality "Grower" Pellet.

A nice small pellet, so gental and easy for growing chicks to consume.

We recommend that you feed ad-lib as the sole diet for growing pullets from 8 weeks of age through to point of lay! Also suitable to raising ducklings from around 5 weeks old through to point of lay.

We have been using this brand for several years now, and after many years of breeding quality pure breed and hybrid poultry - we have found this product to be the best. Our pullets do extremely well from this quality brand and grow extremely quickly!

By all means - not the cheapest brand around, but you will only get out of your poultry as what you put in.

Ingredients are selected from wheat, barley, soya meal, peas, lupines etc... Also contains meat, bone and blood meal, salt + many other vitamins and minerals for added protein and calcium for good strong healthy chick growth!

Special delivery offer for 25 kgs bags... 2 day service only $5.00 to Christchurch metro. 

Due to weight constraints with couriers - Shipping is not available outside of Canterbury for the 25kgs bags.

Picture of Chook Grow 25 kgs
Chook Grow 25 kgs
$34.00 (NZD)
Picture of Chook Grow 10 kgs
Chook Grow 10 kgs
$22.50 (NZD)

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