Chook Grower

Chook Grower feed ~ Conditioning feed for chooks from 8 weeks to point of lay.

Poultry Grower is a special formulation with the essential nutrients of protein, energy and minerals in readiness for a heathy productive hen.

We recommened using Chook Grow for chooks from the age of 8 weeks old through to Point of Lay (Approx 18 to 20 weeks of age depended of breed).



Special offer for 25 kgs bags... 2 day service only $5.00 to Chch metro. All other area's please enquire.

Picture of Chook Grow 25 kgs
Chook Grow 25 kgs
$32.00 (NZD)
Picture of Chook Grow 10 kgs
Chook Grow 10 kgs
$20.00 (NZD)

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