Coop 'n' Chook Care pack

Care package includes; 1kgs Smite Organic mite & Louse powder + free powder applicator, 1 Ltr Smite Professional Red Mite coop cleaner spray concentrate, 250mls Poultry Drink concentrate, Poultry pecker block & dried meal worms.
$115.40 (NZD)
$99.90 (NZD)

Coop n Chook Care package - valued at $115.40, Special package price only $99.90 - saving you over $15.50 off RRP...

Care package includes;

• 1Ltr Smite Professional Red Mite coop cleaner spray concentrate (Valued at $34.90)

• 1kgs Smite Organic Mite & Louse powder (Valued at $26.90)

• Powder applicator (Valued at $14.90)

• 250mls Poultry Drink concentrate (Valued at $14.90)

• Poultry Pecking Block (Valued at $8.90)

• 125gms Dried meal worms (Valued at $14.90)

• Smite professional will destroy any mite nests, adults, juvenile and even mite eggs on contact, clean and disinfect all in one application. Repeat weekly until full eradication of mite, after 2 to 3 weeks, apply smite organic.

• Smite organic (DE powder) has multitudes of uses. Used correctly in your hen house will reduce chances of red mite infestations in your poultry housing. Apply to joins, nooks and crannies in your coop. Concentrating on framing, nest boxes and perch ends. Supplied with a very handy powder applicator.

• Agrivite poultry drink concentrate, Provides all round support for poultry but is especially recommended for birds recovering from mite infestation, for support during moulting or for any birds not looking in the peak of health. Easy to use, economical and can be added to the drinking water for the whole flock.

• Pecker Blocks are a brilliant boredom buster, reducing pecking order issues that can arise within your flock, especially if kept in confined areas. Extremely healthy with natural ingredients including Chia, Garlic & Herbs, Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Oats, Shell Grit, Black Sunflowers, Green Peas, Carrot, Broccoli, Oregano & Parsley. 

• Dried Mealworms provide a protein rich treat that is also a great source of natural vitamins, minerals and key nutrients that birds need to thrive.

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