Hentastic Chick Stick + Feeder Combo

Truly tasty chicken treat logs (in a pack of 6 with hanging chick stick feeder) containing oregano, mint, turmeric and garlic. Specially designed feeder to hold 6 Hentastic Chick Sticks.
$24.90 (NZD)
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Hentastic® Chicken Treats are packed full of natural herbs and numerous antioxidants, whilst also providing great boredom busting treats for your chickens.

This nutritious range of complementary poultry feed is created using a unique 100% vegetable formulation and are made using only the highest quality ingredients, promoting general health and wellbeing for your chickens.

The specially designed feeder will hold up to 6 Hentastic Chick Sticks. When loaded, suspend just above the ground so that it can move freely, which not only acts as a treat dispenser but also is used as a boredom busting toy by your pet hens.

This combination of treat and toy helps to relieve stress and boredom, thus reducing feather pecking.

Each packet contains 6 Treat Logs + Hanging Chick Stick Feeder.

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