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Monday, September 30, 2013

It’s all go at Chook Manor, firstly, we would like to introduce Cheeky.


Cheeky sitting on top of his/her electric mum Kiss

Cheeky was brought in to Chook Manor today by young Jamie Moore, who rescued him. The little duckling obviously was lost by its mum and siblings - We attempted to introduce Cheeky in with our 10 day old Barnevelder chicks, but after a while, they decided it’s feet were too weird and kept pecking at the webbed feet to the point the stress was too much, so Cheeky now has it’s very own personal home, with its very own the EcoGlow 20 chick brooder

We prefer to use EcoGlow rather than the conventional light bulbs or heat lamps for better safety, especially around kids and conciderable power savings, plus it's provin chicks will do better giving them a good nights rest rather than being restless under light 24/7. More info is available here 


Smite Organic has finally landed, Smite Organic is simply Food Grade DE or Diatomaceous Earth.

We have this available in 3 different pack sizes, with a very handy 350g puffer pack, 1 kgs refill tub and a 5 kg bulk bucket. For those not familiar with Diatomaceous Earth or better known simply as DE – please click here for a very interesting read and there is  more information and pricing right here – DE is a 100% safe and a Natural organic alternative for insect control in and around the home, farm, plants and animals.

Our Incubation and Brooding equipment has been flying out the door faster than we can import it, it really just goes to show there really is a resurgence in backyard poultry keeping, and with lots of families and schools investing in their very own little hatcheries!


Why not give it a go yourself with one of our complete starter packages starting from as little as $299.00 – Click here to find out more - fun for the entire family.

If you are wanting some eggs to hatch, pay a visit to our new NZ Poultry Breeders Directory right here.

Whilst on the subject of incubating, we have had some really interesting conversations recently with staff from DOC wildlife centres all around NZ. Staff have been advising us how many Kiwi eggs are being brought in from the wild for Incubation, hatching and rearing - So many eggs in fact, DOC have also had to buy in more incubators - A very popular choice being the Brinsea OvaEasy 190 with a holding capacity of 16 Kiwi eggs (the equivalent to 144 hen eggs + a further x48 in the hatcher)


Photos courtesy of the West Coast Wild Life Centre in Franz Joseph

Well done to the team at DOC , your Kiwi Egg Hunters are obviously doing a great job too!

Chook Manor is proud to be a part of the program with regular donations made to this important cause. You too can be a part of this wonderful non profit organisation – and for the facebook fans, join in right here

Save the Kiwi week is from the 14th to the 20th of October, click on the logo above to find out more...


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