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Monarch Electric E150 Egg Washer + basket.
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Monarch E150 Egg Washer

The Monarch E150 Egg washer is designed for cleaning soiled eggs in poultry and game farming operations. The E150 washer consists of a gently oscillating, motorised base which constantly moves the thermostatically controlled warm water, in which the Monarch sanitising powder or liquid is dissolved.

Key features:

​- Stainless Steel bucket and Steel Base - both parts coated in ultra-tough, chemical resistant powder coat.

- Approx. 150 Chicken Eggs (200 pheasant, 500 quail, 100 duck)

- Adjustable set and display digital thermostat which maintains the water at the temperature set - usually 34C when washing eggs

- Only 1 power cable (fully moulded)

- 1 Egg Basket and Plastic Bucket provided with unit purchase.

​Supplied with NZ plug as standard. 

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