Drink-o-Matic 12.0L Drinker

High quality Drink-o-Matic Jumbo sized 12.0L drinker
$34.90 (NZD)

12L Genuine High Quality Drink-o-Matic Poultry Drinker imported from Europe.

This Top Quality and Durable drinker is ideal for adult chooks, ducks etc (Not day old chicks).

• Drinker is suitable for up to 10 x full size hens for approx 2 days supply of water.

• Large galvanised carry handle, can be suspended or sat directly on the ground.

• Straight sides and no nooks and crannies make these drinkers super hygienic and really easy to keep clean.

• High Quality, UV Stabilised & Made in Europe.

• Suitable for chickens, bantams ducks and ducklings plus great in the aviary for budgies, finches, quails etc.

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