Food (South Island)

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Picture of Oyster Shell Grit

Oyster Shell Grit

Fine to medium graded Oyster Shell Grit.
Picture of Chick Starter Crumble

Chick Starter Crumble

Chicks choice, chick starter crumble for day old chicks through to 8 weeks of age.
Picture of Wood Shavings

Wood Shavings

Untreated shavings suitable for brooder boxes, coops and any animal bedding
Picture of Chook Grower

Chook Grower

Chook Grower feed ~ Conditioning feed for chooks from 8 weeks to point of lay.
Picture of Peak Lay High Protein Layer Pellets 25kgs

Peak Lay High Protein Layer Pe...

A complete feed for Adult layer hens.An adapted formulation of natural protein and energy ...
Picture of Topflite Poultry Scratch (SI)

Topflite Poultry Scratch (SI)

Tasty & Healthy Treat for Chooks
Picture of Quail Crumble

Quail Crumble

Crumble is a specially formulated feed with the all of the essential nutrients of protein,...
Picture of Game Crumble

Game Crumble

A specially formulated starter feed for game poultry and water foul, non medicated formula...
Picture of Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellets

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellets

Westons Rabbit pellets contain ingredients that are carefully selected to give the correct...
Picture of PIGS Choice - All purpose supplement for Pigs  x 25kgs

PIGS Choice - All purpose supp...

A complete feed for growing and finishing pigs. (Not suitable for weaning - please ask for...
Picture of Rumen Nut - All purpose supplement for Ruminants x 25kgs

Rumen Nut - All purpose supple...

Rumen Nuts are a molassed cereal mixture supplimented with trace minerals and vitamins for...