Guess the Chicks & Win A Brand New Brinsea Incubator & the Winners are ???

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Many thanks to all that participated and Congratulations to all our winners.

Before we announce our winners, you may recall we offered, In the unlikely event of a draw, the top prize will be split in the way of a Chook Manor gift voucher to each winner.

There was only 1 person that guessed all 8 out of 8 sexes correctly.

Amazingly there were 4 of you that guessed 7 out of 8 sexes correct.

Out of the 4 runner ups, only 1 had guessed 5 out of 8 for the breeds.

As for the rest - well, we won't even go there Embarassed

As a huge thank you from us, to you & for all that participated, we have thrown a few extra prizes in the pool - We hope you all had fun, we most certainly did and willmiss your entertaining guess and friendly emails - so please keep the emails coming in, and feel free to make suggestions for our next competition...


Here are the answers and prize winners

Updated photos will be posted as soon as we can catch the little buggers Foot in Mouth

Male, Black Minorca           

Male, White Plymouth Rock X 

Female, New Hampshire red

Male, White Leghorn Bantam

Female, Partrige X Frizzel   

Female, Partrige Bantam XFemale, White Plymouth Rock X Male, Brown Leghorn

Chook Manor are pleased to announce the following prizes have been awarded to...

1st Prize - Brinsea Mini Advance Automatic Incubator

Sarah-Jane Rolston from Blenheim

2nd Prize - The Original Chooketeria Self help feeder

Karena Hitchcock from Canterbury

3rd Prize - (3 winners) Each receive a $50.00 Chook Manor Voucher 

Leanne Fenn from Otago

Sonya Harris from Te Anau

Amanda Atkinson from Ashburton

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