Heavy Duty Carbon Fibre Heat Lamp - Extra Large

Heavy duty, Extra Large Carbon Fibre heat lamp set includes a 400mm alloy lamp shade + inner heat shade and wire safety cage, ceramic lamp holder encased in Heavy Duty Alloy heat-sink, pre-wired with 3-way energy saving switch, Safety tilt switch, 2.5 metres of cord with plug + chain for hanging.
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Please check product description before selecting any optional extras. All optional extras include free fitting / installation where applicable.

$149.00 (NZD)
$134.10 (NZD)

Please note, This is an Extra large lamp shade designed for large scale Pig & Poultry use.

Heavy Duty Commercial use Carbon Fibre Heat Lamp Set includes aluminium brooding lamp shade + secondary inner heat shield. Pre-fitted with ceramic lamp holder for extra safety and the addition of a large heavy-duty alloy heat sink for extended lamp service life.

The shade has a removable wire cage fitted for extra safety in case of accidental breakages of heat filament.

For additional fire safety the lamp is fitted with an internal tilt switch in case the lamp is tilted or knocked off from its chain due to boisterous pigs or flighty chicks thus reducing risk of fire.

Lamp is also pre-wired with a 3-way energy saving dimmer switch featuring low/off/high (Low provides an approx 40% reduction in output)

Also supplied 2.5 metres of cord & standard NZ 3 pin / 10 amp Plug + complete with chain and hook for hanging.


Stock code IH-CPBT300S

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