Heavy Duty Heat Lamp Large

Heavy duty heat lamp sets includes a 300mm alloy lamp shade with wire safety cage, ceramic lamp holder encased in Heavy Duty Alloy heat-sink, pre-wired with 3-way energy saving switch, 2.5 metres of cord with plug + chain for hanging.
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Please choose your preference of heat lamps. Either 1 x twin pack / 250w Infrared heat lamps or 1 x Elstein 150w or 250w Ceramic heat emitter.

$69.90 (NZD)
$62.91 (NZD)

Chook Manor's Heavy Duty aluminium brooding lamp shade sets are pre-fitted with ceramic lamp holder for safety and the addition of a large heavy-duty alloy heat sink for extended lamp service life.

The shade has a removable wire cage fitted for extra safety in case of accidental breakages of heat bulbs from flighty chicks (Reducing risk of fire).

Lamp is pre-wired with a 3-way energy saving dimmer switch featuring low/off/high (Low provides an approx 40% reduction in output)

Lamp is also pre-wired ready to go with 2.5 metres of cord, Standard NZ Plug

Complete with chain and hook for hanging.

Replacement Infra-red emitters or Ceramic heat emitters also available separately.


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