Live Capture Multi Catch Mouse Trap

These are fantastic in heavily populated areas
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These traps are without a doubt one of the best designs we have used.

Amazing results time after time. 

Simply bait the trap with anything you think will lure the mice, close the lid and set up against a back wall or where ever mice frequently travel. With its double entry, the mice can enter the trap from either side of the trap and once in, they can’t get out.

The trap has a small ramp in both entries which work on a tilting principle, when the mouse enters the trap up a small ramp, the ramp will tilt and in turn trap the mice in the chamber. The ramp automatically tilts back and resets for the next victim... This trap will keep catching mice time after time. 

These are fantastic in heavily populated areas and will soon have a chamber full of mice... 

The trap is made of galvanised steel casing with a clear plastic window on top of a hinged cover so you can either release or cull the trapped pests.



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