Hentastic - Truly Tasty Chicken Treats.

Foraging Feast - With Oregano, Mint, Turmeric & Garlic
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Hentastic - Truly Tasty Chicken Treats. 

Supplied in a handy 500g resealable bag. 

Hentastic's Foraging Feast is a specially formulated treat for chickens containing a unique blend of dried herbs. 

This is a complementary feed, it can be fed mixed in with your chickens regular feed or used as a forage food by sprinkling on the ground. 

The range of Hentastic chicken treats contains no meat or animal by-products and are a 100% vegetable formulation. 

Contains a very healthy composition of Oregano, Mint, Turmeric & Garlic. 

Fats: 17% 
Protein: 8.9% 
Crude Ash: 0.90% 
Crude Fibre: 1.00% 
Lysine: 0.19 
Methionine: 0.11% 
Calcium: 0.12 
Phosphorus: 0.09%  

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