Humidity Pump Silicone Tubing

Suitable for use with all Brinsea EX model incubators and pumps.

Water tubing used for interconnecting the Humidity Pumps and the water reservoir to the incubator or brooder.

Small bore tubing is suitable for use with Mini Advance EX, Octagon 20 & 40 EX, Maxi EX, Ovation EX and OvaEasy cabinet incubators fitted with pumps (Note: Large bore is for OvaEasy Pump Capstan head only, not to be used with any other models).

For optimal performance, the tubing will need replacing about every 3 months depending on usage. Will need to be changed at the start of each season.

Picture of Standard (Small bore) Silicone Tubing
Standard (Small bore) Silicone Tubing
3.0 metre length small bore tubing for use on all non-cabinet style incubators incl Mini, Maxi, Octagon & Ovation. Also use as main supply tube on all OvaEasy cabinet models.
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$25.00 (NZD)
Picture of Large Bore Silicone Tubing
Large Bore Silicone Tubing
1.0 meter length. For use on Capstan Head for OvaEasy humidity pumps only. Large bore tubing is NOT for use with Mini, Maxi, Octagon or Ovation incubators. Large bore tubing increases water flow for cabinet incubators helping keep humidity high without running the pump continuously. (Small bore is to supply from pump to incubator on all models).
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$15.00 (NZD)
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