Incubation Tools

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Brinsea "High Intensity" OvaVi...

"High Intensity" designed for the absolute darkest of eggs
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Brinsea OvaView candling lamp

Battery operated for versatility, the lamp uses LED lighting so power consumption is great...
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Brinsea OvaScope / OvaView can...

Brinsea OvaScope / OvaView candling combo pack
$118.90 $109.00
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Brinsea OvaScope Only (No Torc...

This product is for use with the Brinsea OvaView & OvaView high Intensity candling lamp.
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Button Digital Thermo / Hygrom...

Button Digital Hygrometer + thermometer
$65.00 $59.90
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Digital pocket scales

Compact scales suitable for measuring egg weight loss during incubation - an important too...
From $49.90
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Hygrometer / bi-metal / TFA Ge...

Precision Hygrometers, bi-metal type available in 45MM and 70mm - made by TFA Germany.
From $24.90
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Liquid in Glass Thermometer - ...

Liquid in Glass Thermometer - °C
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Power Lux - Egg Candler

All New Power Lux Egg Candler (Mains powered) Super bright LED cool light torch
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Spot-Check Digital Thermometer

Spot-Check Digital Thermometer
$59.90 $49.90
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Technitherm Wet Bulb Thermomet...

Technitherm Wet Bulb Thermometer Hygrometer
From $10.00
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Power surge protection device

Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your expensive equipment against random...
$43.99 $25.00
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