Incusan Incubation Disinfectant 5 litre

Incusan Incubation Disinfectant (Concentrate) 5 litre.
$75.00 (NZD)

Incusan has been specifically formulated as an egg & incubation disinfectant during the New Zealand emu & ostrich industry boom in the 90’s.

Incusan is still widely used by many of NZ’s conservation & zoological organisations, particularly amongst Kiwi organisations.

To keep prices down, it is only available in 5 litre containers, but makes this product very economical, is user friendly and has a very good shelf life.

When used in accordance with the instructions as per label, Incusan is an ideal chlorine free cleaner & sanitizer for use with Incubators, eggs & equipment.
Bacteria in eggs and incubators is proven to cause approximately 25% of premature embryo deaths (pre-hatch death). Making clean eggs and incubator equipment an absolute must.

The key active ingredient is alkyl benzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride. When used at the recommended dilution rates, Incusan is documented and proven to be broadly effective against many common viruses and bacteria that can be harmful to embryo development in incubators.

Incusan is manufactured in New Zealand under licence and is only available through Chook Manor or Underdown Bird Supplies. Wholesale enquiries are welcomed.