At last a decent book for the beginner!
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AT LAST! A decent book for the beginner! 

For years and years, we have been contemplating writing our own guide to keeping chickens, our customers keep telling us – Hey! you guys should write a book, well – here it is (But we didn’t write it ♥).

This book has just about all those unanswered questions answered?
Even the ones you didn’t want to ask because you thought it was stupid?

An absolute MUST OWN for those about to buy chickens, just thinking about it or have already got their first chooks.
This brilliant new guide to chicken keeping shows just how simple it is to enjoy the pleasure of raising poultry - Its fun - Its rewarding - and the added bonus is that chickens come with a lifetime supply of free eggs ;~)
What could be better than walking to your garden every day and collecting the freshest of eggs from your very own hens!

• The Perfect pocket guide
• Ideal for beginners
• Up to date information
• Over 120 colour photographs

You name it - from how to hold, how much to feed, healthcare and hygiene, how to clip her wings to raising your own flock from chicks and the list goes on and on...
A lovely quality Full Colour, Hard cover book perfectly suitable reading for the young enthusiasts, hobbyist and a must for any first timer. Young or Old ;~)



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