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Saturday, December 12, 2015

 Season's greetings to all & welcome to our last newsletter for the year 

First up, we thought we better send you all a big shout out! - A HUGE Thank you to you all for your suport throughout the year from Cheryl, Greg & the team @ Chook Manor -

We would also like to welcome and thank our new business collegue, Wendy Majoor at Chooks n Things in Auckland. Wendy joined us mid year to take on some of the extra work load from Waikato Northwards to the Cape. Her thriving business has blossomed and is already self sustaining - Next year we will bring you further exciting news on this topic.

And on this note, our closure dates have been extended for Christmas and New Years. Our last day for shipping parcels is Tuesday 22nd of December, our last trading day for collecting goods from our store is Wednesday 23rd of December. We will be back in action From Monday 11th of January...  Wendy at Chooks n Things will be operating throughout, with exceptions of public holidays. Wendy will be more than happy to service your needs throughout this time and is more than happy to send goods south during our break. Contact Wendy at www.chooksnthings.co.nz/contact

It has without a doubt been a huge year for us all, we have exceeded sales expectations and with our new range of Feed-o-matic poultry feeders & drinkers & we look forward to introducing more exciting new products in the new year including the re-introduction of Black Chick incubators where we have already pre-sold more than half or our first shipment before it gets here (Sorry folk's, you will need to wait until we get back on the 11th before we can ship your new machines)

Please be sure to check out our specials page or What's New for some amazing bargains and last minute xmas gift idea's


Here's just a few little stocking stuffer idea's!


12kgs treadle - were $139.00 Now only $125.00

20kgs treadle - were $169.00 Now only 149.00

Top Quality Feed-o-Matic Treadle feeders, with a whopping 12kgs or 20kgs feed capacity, will hold enough feed for the average flock for weeks!

Did you know? that the average adult hen will consume up to 500mls of water per day!

Why not add one of our new 12L Tube drinkers from Holland or top quality Jumbo hanging bell drinkers from Italy.

These products are probably the best quality on the market and we have bought these to you at incredibly sharp prices - see here for further details 


* 12L Drinker - Were $34.90, Now only $24.90

* Jumbo Hanging drinker - Were $89.90, Now only $69.90

* Cottage garden metal feeder / drinker combo - $99.90, save $19.90 


Please be sure to check out our Specials page to view all of our Christmas specials + stocking stuffers.

Books, Magazines and our favorite annual Calender 

Click here to see more...

 Looking for something really special, then check out these fantastic gift idea's from Brinsea


Small incubators are a great place to start, with a capacity of 7 to 24 eggs - Great little learner incubators, simple to use and fun for the whole family.

Brinsea's purpose made egg candling torch (Shown above) - always wondered what is happening inside the egg during its development stages - well this incredibly bright purpose made candling torch will show you what going on even through the darkest of egg shells - producing no heat therefore no chance of damaging the developing embryo.

Here's an idea? Chicken eggs only take 21 days of incubation to hatch - what a great project for the kids over the summer holidays! Even better, we can even point you in the right direction for fertile eggs, drop us a note when ordering your incubator and we will be more than happy to see you right.


Or why not go the whole hog and set them up with the works - we have put together a great range of complete incubator start up packages - please click here for more details

Have a safe & happy holidays, we hope Santa is kind & remember... through the hot summer months, to provide your feathered friends with plenty of cool, fresh water & lots of shade. 


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