News Letter 11/12 (Auto Chook Door Controller)

Saturday, December 1, 2012
Are you constantly worried about your beloved Chooks been taken by evil night time predators?
Tired of having to lock up and let out your chooks every day? You need an ACDC, Fully — — automatic door opener! How it works? The Chook Manor, ACDC (Auto Chook Door Controller) works on day/night light sensor principal. (Which is adjustable) ACDC has a built-in automatic sensor unit, which when night falls, the coop door will auto-matically close.!
And ...
As day breaks, the coop door will automatically open.!

Top Quality and Proven, German Made Electronics

  • No Timers to set
  • No Wiring required
  • No Worries DIY Design


Q/ What happens if there is a chook halfway through the door when it closes?
A/ There are several safe guards built in to the unit. one of these is an overload protection, if the door is obstructed by anything during opening or closing, it will automatically stop

Q/ What about a lighting storm?
A/ That's OK, the unit also has this sorted and has a built in safe guard against these situations.

Q/ What if we have no power?
A/ This unit is fully battery operated and yes - batteries are included

Q/ How long will the batteries last?
A/ You should expect to get approx 2 & 4 years from the 4 x AA batteries supplied.

Q/ What if I don't want the door to open until later in the morning?
A/ We also stock a compatible electronic timer unit, which when connected, you have full control over when the door will open and close - this will override the light sensor.