News letter 6/11 (Stockmans Friend AHE)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A.H.E is made entirely of NATURES NUTRIENTS!
Ingredients proven to be extremely beneficial to the health & wellbeing of all animals...
AHE includes Unfiltered (ACV) Apple cider vine-gar, Garlic, Molasses, Manuka Honey & AHE’s key ingredient Ager Sea-weed!
No nasty chemicals or drenches.
Just 100% Naturally Healthy Animals...
& what's better, there are no withholding periods with eggs or meat! The benefits are just amazing.


might target worms, But what about all the good bacteria? Not all bacteria is bad? Drugs don't just target the bad bugs - they get them all...

Recommend Dosages

(We prefer to use A.H.E in our chickens drinker containers at the following dosage rates & intervals)

Step 1/ Add 20 to 40 mls (2% to 4%) per 1 ltr of drinking water - continue for 3 to 4 days. Fresh water afterwards.

Step 2/ 7 to 10 days after last treatment, follow-up at the same rate as step 1 (This will break pariste breeding cycles)

Step 3/ On a Bi-monthly basis - Repeat step 1 only.

Sick poultry, Approx 50 mls per Litre for up to 7 days.

Fresh clean water must be available at all other times

Note; Keep stored in a Dark and Cool area, do not expose to sunlight.

To Worm OR Not to Worm?

Personally — there are no worming products used on our farm!

Having used Stockman’s Friend AHE and run our own tests within our poultry, we have found that the AHE product does in fact work as an natural alternative to using chemical drenches and worming products.

AHE has not been tested scientifically as a wormer, nor is AHE an “All In — All Out” wormer… BUT with Regular and Correct dosages of AHE, will keep any worm infestation down to a good safe & manageable level — for most animals, not just poultry!

Until Next time, Remember—A Healthy Chook is a Happy Chook