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Picture of Agrivite Enhance

Agrivite Enhance

Agrivite Enhance Feather, Shell 'n' Bone Supplement - An intensive Calcium, Magnesium and ...
Picture of Agrivite Mite Rescue Remedy

Agrivite Mite Rescue Remedy

Poultry Mite Rescue Remedy is a liquid complementary feed designed to assist with the r...
Picture of Agrivite poultry drink

Agrivite poultry drink

Poultry Drink - A high energy mineral supplement rich in iron in a sweet tasting sorbitol ...
Picture of Oyster Shell Grit (Fine to medium grade)

Oyster Shell Grit (Fine to med...

Our grit has been washed & dried to remove any nasties - ready for your birds to help them...
Picture of Stockmans Friend AHE ~ Natural Health Tonic

Stockmans Friend AHE ~ Natural...

Stockmans Friend AHE contains NATURAL Unfiltered (ACV) APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, Garlic, Bush H...
Picture of AVIVERM Poultry Wormer
Picture of BetaDrench - Natural Drench

BetaDrench - Natural Drench

BetaVet's BetaDrench is a 100% Natural Herbal product - Absolutely safe to use with NIL Eg...
Picture of Poultry Nutri-Drops

Poultry Nutri-Drops

Instant Energy source for weak and lethargic birds
Picture of Anti Feather Pecking Spray

Anti Feather Pecking Spray

Prevents biting, plucking and cannibalism in poultry, game & cage birds.
Picture of Poultry Wound Spray

Poultry Wound Spray

Many poultry owners will be all too familiar with the pecking order & the fights that resu...
Picture of Leg Oil.

Leg Oil.

Leg Oil is a blend of vegetable & fish oils with garlic to help heal. Natural ingredients ...
Picture of Smite Organic (DE) Mite & Lice powder

Smite Organic (DE) Mite & Lice...

Diatomaceous Earth. 100% Natural, Fresh water, food grade DE.