Poultry Treats

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Picture of Agrivite Poultry Pep

Agrivite Poultry Pep

Pep-up your poultry! A mineral supplement for poultry containing a blend of spices and vit...
Picture of Coop 'n' Chook Care pack

Coop 'n' Chook Care pack

Care package includes; 350g Smite Organic Mite & Louse Powder, 1 Ltr Smite Professional Re...
Picture of Dried Meal Worms

Dried Meal Worms

These dried mealworms provide a protein rich treat that is also a great source of natural ...
Picture of Hentastic fun feeder

Hentastic fun feeder

Fun for children, fun for adults, fun for chickens. Simply pop some pellets into the feed...
Picture of Poultry Pecking Block

Poultry Pecking Block

A Gourmet Treat for your Free Range Friend