Poultry Treats

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Agrivite Poultry Pep

Pep-up your poultry! A mineral supplement for poultry containing a blend of spices and vit...
From $16.90 (NZD)
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Dried Meal Worms

These dried mealworms provide a protein rich treat that is also a great source of natural ...
From $14.90 (NZD)
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Hentastic - Truly Tasty Chicke...

Foraging Feast - With Oregano, Mint, Turmeric & Garlic
$11.90 (NZD)
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Hentastic Chick Stick + Feeder...

Truly tasty chicken treat logs (in a pack of 6 with hanging chick stick feeder) containing...
$24.90 (NZD)
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Hentastic Chick Sticks Refill ...

Truly tasty chicken treat logs 6-pack (Note; pack excludes hanging feeder) Treats contain ...
$11.90 (NZD)
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Hentastic fun feeder

Fun for children, fun for adults, fun for chickens. Simply pop a Chick Stick or some Fora...
$19.90 (NZD)
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Poultry Pecking Block

A Gourmet Treat for your Free Range Friend
From $9.00 (NZD)
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Oyster Shell Grit

Fine to medium graded Oyster Shell Grit.
From $3.50 (NZD)
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