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Feed-o-Matic ~ 5kgs Treadle Feeder

Went to pick up the feeder but we were too early so stopped in to the Cafe in Little River on the way - Bonus!
At the farm while we waited to be served we admired the pullets that were being caught for the customer ahead of us - until we spotted the little chicks in the store that clearly had ideas of escaping! Very cute.
Anyway the feeder was easy assembly and I prefer the design to the other short and wide type - no danger of a head being trapped.
The girls are gradually getting the hang of it. Unfortunately we weren't able to be consistent with the initial training so it may take a bit longer but they are comfortable stepping on it and eating from it - with an incentive. Completely happy so far.
From: Guest | Date: 11/13/2021 7:36 PM
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Great feeders for young chicks

I found these are great for small pullets and cockerels after I take them out of there brooding pen
just trained them with a brick on the treadle plate set it for lightest weight and lowing worked well
just have to keep it full all the time as only 2 can feed from it at one time
they are better than the chooketeria as they can access the food easier
From: Guest | Date: 7/19/2021 7:54 PM
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Great feeder for my bantams

I have two of the bigger feeders but also bought a smaller one for a couple of smaller bantams I have. Great feeder and they've gotten used to using it really quickly.
Brilliant for helping to keep the sparrows at bay and saves heaps on feed.
Would definitely recommend all these feeders - they've been a godsend. And the service from Chook Manor is excellent.
From: Marianne | Date: 6/26/2020 9:48 AM
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Great feeder

Strong and sturdy feeder. I’ve put a rock on it to teach the chooks and they put their head in it immediately. It’s easy for them to push the treadle and it’s reasonably quiet so it doesn’t scare them. Two chooks can get their heads in at a time. It’s 1/2 the price of other louder feeders. Would recommend
From: Sharon | Date: 5/18/2020 1:13 PM
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Great feeder

After feeding all the sparrows in the neighbourhood. This feeder was great Only took the chickens a couple of days to get use to it and now saving on feed costs!!
From: Guest | Date: 5/2/2017 11:22 AM
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Works great!

Our chooks were scared of another treadle style feeder and wouldn't use it but this one only took them 2 days to get the gist of. They love it now, they walk on it with no problems and there are no sparrows getting into their feed now. Highly recommend!
From: Emily | Date: 12/28/2016 12:40 PM
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Best Feeder

Bought this feeder via Trademe after trying a number of feeders including my own home built ones, none of which prevented the local birds, especially sparrows, from getting at the pellets.
Easy to assemble and my two chooks got over their fear of the feeder and treadle step within 24 hours.
They can now graze at their leisure and we are having to buy less feed than before.
Great Feeder
From: Guest | Date: 11/28/2016 6:50 AM
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