R Com King Suro - Trade in Special

Second hand R Com, in immaculate condition, Has been checked over a running as it should.
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  •          Ideal for the beginner
  •          Automatic Temp. & Humidity Setting and Control function
  •          Temperature and humidity calibration and setting function by user ( Factory setting:  37.5 degrees C, 45%)
  •          Temperature display, ‘C/’F changeable
  •          Automatic egg turning available with Auto Egg Cradle (EGG VAN) as per 1 hour
  •          Humidification control Function with Automatic Pumping System (A.P.S.)
  •          Large clear View Window
  •          24 Hen egg capacity (or equivalent)
  •          Electronic Control parts on- touch attachable and detachable
  •          4 air ventilation holes
  •          Duplicated insulation base by bottom body and egg tray
  •          Universal Tray for all egg types

What is Automatic Pumping System (A.P.S.)?

A.P.S. – ST is designed for easy use by adapting new tubing system developed by R-COM which is attachable and detachable with 4 rollers increasing durability. It can be available in every use to pump up the water, especially for other brand incubator. APS-PRO is originally designed for the incubators which have no humidity control function. Since the user can read humidity in the egg chamber and even control the humidity by simple attachment, it is very handy to use with the non humidifying control incubators.

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