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Agrivite Mite Rescue Remedy

Poultry Mite Rescue Remedy is a liquid complementary feed designed to assist with the r...
From $18.90 (NZD)
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Smite Pro + Smite Organic (DE)...

Best seller! 2 step Coop Care. Save $4.90 off individual items.
$54.80 (NZD) $49.90 (NZD)
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DE Mite Powder Applicator

Our all new powder shaker makes applying the likes of Smite Organic and mite powders a bre...
$19.90 (NZD) $14.90 (NZD)
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Leg Oil.

Leg Oil is a blend of vegetable & fish oils with garlic to help heal. Natural ingredients ...
From $20.00 (NZD)
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Anti Feather Pecking Spray

Prevents biting, plucking and cannibalism in poultry, game & cage birds.
From $19.90 (NZD)
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Spring News - 2017.
Wednesday, September 13, 2017