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Extraordinary Chickens 2018

Available now! Extraordinary Chickens is beautifully presented in full colour.
$34.90 (NZD) $24.90 (NZD)
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At last a decent book for the beginner!
$30.00 (NZD) $25.00 (NZD)
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Hentastic - Truly Tasty Chicke...

Foraging Feast - With Oregano, Mint, Turmeric & Garlic
$11.90 (NZD)
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Hentastic Chick Stick + Feeder...

Truly tasty chicken treat logs (in a pack of 6 with hanging chick stick feeder) containing...
$24.90 (NZD)
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Hentastic fun feeder

Fun for children, fun for adults, fun for chickens. Simply pop a Chick Stick or some Fora...
$19.90 (NZD)
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Hentastic Chick Sticks Refill ...

Truly tasty chicken treat logs 6-pack (Note; pack excludes hanging feeder) Treats contain ...
$11.90 (NZD)
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Chicken Guard ASTi Premium

Best seller! Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener opens & closes your chicken coop using a t...
$299.00 (NZD) $259.00 (NZD)
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Weather Vane

Dress up your coop with one of these awesome top quality NZ made weather vanes!
$39.90 (NZD)
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Cottage Garden Combo

Attractive heavy duty metal drinker, holds approx 4 Litres of water and feeder approx 3.5k...
$119.80 (NZD) $99.90 (NZD)
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Stainless steel 4.0 litre wate...

Heavy Duty Full Stainless steel drinker trough with L/h or R/h plumbing.
$89.90 (NZD) $69.90 (NZD)
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"Eco" Starter Package #1

Mini "Eco" Starter Pack #1 provides the ideal equipment necessary to get you started in s...
$328.00 (NZD) $295.00 (NZD)
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"Eco" Starter Package #2

Maxi "Eco" Starter Pack #2 Takes the guesswork out of egg incubation - this set provides t...
$623.80 (NZD) $495.00 (NZD)
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"Eco" Starter Package #3

Ovation 28 "Eco" Starter Pack #3 is a semi professional egg incubation package - this set ...
$869.80 (NZD) $699.00 (NZD)
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"Eco" Starter Package #4

Ovation 56 "Eco" Starter Pack #4 is a professional egg incubation package - this set provi...
$1129.60 (NZD) $995.00 (NZD)
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Gift Pack

A 'special' little something for your feathered friends
$48.80 (NZD) $39.90 (NZD)
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Gift voucher

Not sure what to buy that special someone for that special occasion. Give them a Chook Man...
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