Drink-o-Matic 18 Litre Top fill w legs

High quality Drink-o-Matic 18L drinker imported direct from Europe with extra Large 18 litre capacity, easy fill top + optional high-lift legs to raise drinker off the ground.
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$59.90 (NZD)

High Quality Drink-o-Matic drinker imported from Europe!

Super Sized 18L capacity Purpose Made Poultry Water Drinker.

• Fantastic design.

• Super easy to fill.

• Super easy to clean.

• Supplied complete with three very sturdy legs to give your drinker that extra lift from the ground to prevent fowling of the water tray.

• Frost Proof & UV Protected - Heavy Duty Poly Prop plastic with large nylon carry handle and lid.

• Solid materials means water will not green up like in transparent drinkers.

• Built in float valve makes topping up the drinker a breeze, will never over flow at the base.

• Set water level in base means a constant supply of water even during heavy usage.

• Suitable for all breads of fowl and will service large numbers of birds at any given time. (Enough water for approx 20 chooks for up to 2 - 3 days).


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