Drink-o-Matic 18 Litre Top fill

High quality Drink-o-Matic 18L drinker imported direct from Europe with extra Large 18 litre capacity and easy fill top.

Please check product description before selecting any optional extras. All optional extras include free fitting / installation where applicable.

$44.90 (NZD)
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High Quality Drink-o-Matic drinker imported from Europe!

Super Sized 18L capacity Purpose Made Poultry Water Drinker.

• Fantastic design.

• Super easy to fill.

• Super easy to clean.

• Frost Proof & UV Protected - Heavy Duty Poly Prop plastic with large nylon carry handle and lid.

• Solid materials means water will not green up like in transparent drinkers.

• Built in float valve makes topping up the drinker a breeze, will never over flow at the base.

• Set water level in base means a constant supply of water even during heavy usage.

• Suitable for all breads of fowl and will service large numbers of birds at any given time. (Enough water for approx 20 chooks for up to 2 - 3 days).

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