Drink-o-Matic 6.0L Drinker

High quality Drink-o-Matic 6.0L drinker
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$19.90 (NZD)

6.0L Quality Drink-o-Matic Poultry Drinker imported from Europe.

This Top Quality and Durable drinker is ideal for chicks, chooks, ducks etc from day old through to fully grown adult poultry of all breeds.

• Drinker is suitable for up to 6 x full size hens for a maximum of 2 days supply of water.

• Straight sides and no nooks and crannies make these drinkers super hygienic and really easy to keep clean.

• Large nylon carry handle, can be suspended or sat directly on the ground.

• High Quality, UV Stabilised & Made in Europe.

• Suitable for chickens, bantams and ducklings plus great in the aviary for budgies, finches, quails etc.

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