Stock Update

Thursday, October 3, 2013

We have more stock arriving on a regular basis - some of these items have been selling faster than we can land them.

Items just arrived include Brinsea's Carefree Coops, We now have plenty of the larger model Churchill 6 to 10 hen coop kitsets available...

Brinsea Incubation and Egg wash Disinfectant, also in stock is Incusan Incubation and egg wash disinfectant in bulk 5L packs - Incusan is amazing value for money and has been proven as an egg wash and incubation disinfectant for many many years - This is the same product as used by DOC for the Kiwis for Kiwi breeding program, so we are very pleased to be able to offer this product direct to you for the first time.

   We have regular shippments of the OvaEasy Series landing on a monthly basis. The Very Latest OvaEasy 580 Advance EX is finally here, with a whopping capacity of 574 standard size hen eggs, 700 + pheasant or bantam eggs and close to 3000 quail eggs - This is one serious Incubator!

  And new to our product range is the ever so popular NZ Lifestyle Block Magazine's own Special Edition Reprint "How to Care for your Poultry" Writen by NZer's for NZer's

And Finally back in stock are the EcoGlow 20 and EcoGlow 50 chick brooders, the safest way to keep chicks warm and cosy, day and night - Keep an eye on our specials page for our complete starter packages for brooders and incubator packages.


Feedback is important to us, without it - we are obviousely doing everything right? Yeh right! - That we doubt very much. If you have any idea's for us - please let us know - we have seen a steady stream of popular orders through our system of late, so we have decided to reward you with a few special offers of products that can be ordered together as one item. These items will consist of Combo packs such as this handy 2 step coop care pack  - if you have any idea's, we are all ear's - if you think we are doing somthing wrong or could do something better - either drop us an email or feel free to leave your feedback on our news letters or review our products, which can be done on each of the products that you view.

Keep an eye on our Specials page, with regular items added monthly.

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