Stockmans Friend AHE ~ Natural Health Tonic

Stockmans Friend AHE contains NATURAL Unfiltered (ACV) APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, Garlic, Bush Honey & NatraKelp Seaweed.


We have been using AHE with all of our animals now for several years and the results speak for themselves.
No nasty chemicals - no nasty worming products - just 100% natural animals = 110% happy

No withholding periods with eggs or meat!

The list goes on - the benefits are amazing.

Think about it, for example, You drench your chooks using artificial chemicals which all have 'withholding periods'
What are you actually putting into your chooks? - then you eat their eggs? Ahh, No thanks!
The DRUGS you are using might flush out the worms etc... But what about all the good bacteria? Not all bacteria are bad you know? Drugs don't just target the bad bugs - they get them all... Good and bad?

AHE contains Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Seaweed & Bush Honey. It is made up entirely of natures' nutrients and has proven to be extremely beneficial to the health of all animals. It has 'NO WITHHOLDING PERIOD'.

Garlic contains 33 sulphur compounds, 17 amino acids, germanium, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc and vitamins A, B1 and C.

A combined mix of Bush & Manuka Honey ~ Which has a unique hydrogen peroxide antibacterial activity.

Nutrient Rich Bull Kelp Liquid Seaweed. Provides a whole range of vitamins from A through to M (Folic Acid), so essential for the efficient digestion and metabolism of the diet. Seaweed also contains up to 20 minerals.

Administered by blending with the animals feed or pouring A.H.E in drinkers or troughs on a regular basis.

Directions are included on the bottle, but here are some simple ways to treat your flock.

Add AHE to your chickens water drinker containers at the following dosage rates & intervals...
Step 1. Add approx 2% to 4% (roughly 30 mls of AHE per 1 litre of drinking water) Continue for @ 3 to 4 days. Clean fresh water afterwards.
Step 2/. In 7 to 10 days time repeat step 1.
Once you have established steps 1 & 2, Repeat step 1 on a monthly basis.

For sick poultry - continue for up to 7 to 10 days. NEVER let your Chickens go without fresh clean drinking water.

Picture of Stockmans Friend AHE 750mls
Stockmans Friend AHE 750mls
$14.90 (NZD)
Picture of Stockmans Friend AHE 2.0 Litres
Stockmans Friend AHE 2.0 Litres
$22.90 (NZD)
Picture of Stockmans Friend AHE 5.0 Litres
Stockmans Friend AHE 5.0 Litres
$39.90 (NZD)
Picture of Stockmans Friend AHE 20 Litres
Stockmans Friend AHE 20 Litres
Special Freight free deal on 20 litre containers (Rural fee applies)
$129.00 (NZD)

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