Twin Villa Chicken Coop

Due to loss of staff, we will not be manufacturing any coops until further notice.
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Please check product description before selecting any optional extras. All optional extras include free fitting / installation where applicable.

Please note door and hatch location or any special requests.

$1490.00 (NZD)

Coop features...

* Ply roofing for better insulation & quietness.

* Optional Slim-line Zinc-Alum (Mini corogated iron) roof over lay fiited over ply.

* 4 removable roosts. (Removable without the use of tools for easy cleaning)

* 2 Large easy access all weather proof nesting boxes

* 2 Large side doors for easy access into either end of the coop.

* Large front windows covered in quality mesh.

* 2 Small lockable doors for free range access and to keep your chooks secure at night if rodents are present?

Free range access doors can be located on end or back of coop (Standard on back of coop).

Nesting boxes can be fitted to either front or back of coop. (Standard on front under windows)


* Coop measures 2400L x 1200W x 1900H.

* Internal floor areas measure 1200 x 1200 in each side

* Nesting Boxes approx 350H x 350D x 900W each.

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