Vetario T50M Intensive Care Unit

Brinseas Vetario, Intensive care Brooder unit with Oxygen & Nebuliser Compatibility.
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Vetario T50M Intensive Care Unit (230v NZ plug)

The medical (‘M’) version of the T50 has a number of additional features which makes it more flexible and better suited to veterinary applications:

  • Oxygen compatibility: The M version is fitted with an oxygen connector and can be safely operated with increased oxygen concentrations to aid recovery
  • Drugs can be conveniently administered to the patient using the supplied medicine reservoir connected to your nebuliser pump (suitable nebuliser pumps are available at request)
  • Observation of patients is aided by a switchable internal light which safely illuminates the chamber interior
  • The control system includes audible and visual warning of temperature fluctuations outside user-defined limits. The alarm is also triggered by power failure; once power is restored it will warn that control has been lost while power was off
  • The digital display shows the humidity level as well as temperature within the chamber. The optional EX Humidity Pump can be fitted to provide fully automatic humidity control if required.

Nebuliser ampule and connector tubing supplied as standard.

Tested for Safety by BSI

The elevated oxygen levels which can be so beneficial to patients’ therapy also introduces the hazard of much easier combustion. This means that the higher oxygen levels in an intensive care unit can lead to fire much more readily than in normal atmospheres. The Vetario T40M and T50M have been designed to control these risks and for additional reassurance they have been independently tested by BSI for product safety to the Animal and Medical Incubator standards.

Protected by Biomaster anitmicrobial additives:

Hygiene in intensive care units is of vital importance, to reduce risk of infection and contamination all Vetario intensive care units incorporate Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection into the cabinets during manufacture. Biomaster Protection is embedded within the plastic itself* which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria helping to provide the optimum environment for a speedy recovery. Proven to quickly reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% Biomaster Protection is an  effective means of reducing the risk of cross infection from MRSA, E.coli, Campylobacter, Legionella, Salmonella and many other harmful species of bacteria. Click here for more details...


  • Digital temperature control
  • Display choice of °C or °F
  • Water pan for humidity
  • Digital Humidity display
  • EX Humidity pump option
  • Temperature alarm
  • Secondary thermostat
  • Nebuliser fitting
  • Oxygen compatible
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean interior
  • No vulnerable edges for animals to chew
  • Positive pressure with gentle fan ventilation
  • Twin stage filter, for removal of harmful bacteria and fungi
  • Water reservoir for increasing humidity with external top up
  • Tough, clear hinged door with secure catch
  • 3 year guarantee (subject to simple online registration)
  • Overall height (mm) 560
  • Overall width (mm) 690
  • Overall depth (mm) 490
  • Floor area (mm) 600 x 400
  • Effective volume (litres) 100
  • Power consumption (Watts) Max 160, Typical 95
  • Power supply 230v, 50Hz
  • Weight (Kg) 9.2 

This product is intended for oxygen administration by trained practitioners such as veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses in a permanently supervised environment. Please ensure professional advice is obtained before using this product.

The Vetario® Intensive Care Units are animal care products designed, manufactured and distributed by Brinsea Products Ltd. Brinsea has worked for many years with vets and animal rescue centres to provide equipment designed to give sick and injured animals the environment they need to make the quickest and safest recovery. Vets and vet nurses need to spend as much of their time as possible on their patients and Vetario products are designed to be practical and functional. The emphasis is on ease of use, toughness and above all, ease of cleaning. Vetario intensive care products are popular with vets, animal hospitals, rescue centres and animal breeders across a wide range of countries.

Oxygen safety improvements for the Vetario intensive care units.

Elevated oxygen concentration is a vital tool in the successful recovery of animals from a variety of conditions but when combined with other elements of an intensive care unit (electronics, fans, heaters, etc.) it can pose a very real fire risk if the hazards aren’t properly controlled and the intensive care unit very carefully designed.

The original Vetario S40M and S50M were designed and manufactured to conform to the oxygen safety requirements of EN 60601-2-19:1996, an international standard for medical incubators. The EN 60601 series of medical standards were radically updated when the earlier standards were withdrawn in 2012 and the risk of fire from increased oxygen concentration was subject to individual risk analysis as well as significantly more onerous specific controls.

Brinsea Products couldn’t be sure that the S40M and S50M would conform to the new standard so they were withdrawn from sale. In the intervening period Brinsea developed a risk management system for control of oxygen related fire hazards and the products were re-developed to provide extra checks and increased safety. This process was then checked by BSI as being appropriate for the risks involved. On this basis the replacement T40M and T50M models were launched in Spring 2014 to conform to the oxygen fire safety clauses of the current EN 60601-1:2006 + corrigenda 2006 & 2007 standard.

This process led to Brinsea's oxygen-compatible intensive care units being unavailable for many months, but they were not prepared to compromise on safety. 

The new Vetario T40M and T50M provide full small animal intensive care facilities plus the appropriate control of oxygen fire hazards.

With staff and patient safety a top priority for all employers we believe these two Vetario units are the only models available with full control of these risks.  

For full information on the Vetario product range - please click here - or see below for whats available on offer and in stock now. If we don't stock the products you require, please contact us here to discuss your requirements

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