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Friday, June 1, 2018


Chook Manor VIP Rewards is Here!

As a special thank you for your loyalty, we have introduced a new VIP Loyalty Rewards Program.

Since the 20th of May, all our Chook Manor website customers have been quietly earning Rewards Points. No registration is required, if you’re a Chook Manor website customer you’re already sorted.

This is how it works for you! 

  •          Every order of $30.00 or more will earn you rewards points.
  •          Each $30.00 spent = 0.5 Reward points.
  •          0.5 Rewards points = $0.50 NZD (E.g. 10 reward points + $5.00 NZD).
  •          Points can be saved up can be used whenever you want.
  •          Points balances are displayed on checkout, you can choose to spend now or save for later.
  •          Points never expire, you can save up as many as you like and use whenever you like.

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