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Picture of ECO + Door Combo (ChickSafe)

ECO + Door Combo (ChickSafe)

ChickSafe Eco Door Controller + ChickSafe space-saving, 2-stage Hen House Door.
Picture of Egg Wash Powder

Egg Wash Powder

WHITE SANOSOL SANITISER - MPI approved egg wash powder. Water soluble powder for egg washi...
Picture of Advance + Door Combo (ChickSafe)

Advance + Door Combo (ChickSaf...

New ChickSafe Door Controllers now available. ChickSafe Advance Door Controller + ChickSa...
Picture of ChickSafe 2 piece sliding door set

ChickSafe 2 piece sliding door...

ChickSafe 2 piece sliding door set complete with rails. Fantastic compact design.
Picture of Electric, Portable Feather plucker.

Electric, Portable Feather plu...

High quality feather plucker, Made in Holland. Strip feathers off a 3 kgs bird in less tha...
Picture of Egg Washer

Egg Washer

Monarch E150 Egg Washer + basket.
Picture of Bottle Holder for 1 litre drinker

Bottle Holder for 1 litre drin...

Adjustable bottle holder suitable for 1 litre Chick nipple drinker & 1 Litre mini cup drin...