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Picture of Gift Pack #2

Gift Pack #2

An 'extra special' little something for your feathered friends, great to get your kids int...
Picture of Agrivite Poultry Pep

Agrivite Poultry Pep

Pep-up your poultry! A mineral supplement for poultry containing a blend of spices and vit...
Picture of Agrivite Enhance

Agrivite Enhance

Agrivite Enhance Feather, Shell 'n' Bone Supplement - An intensive Calcium, Magnesium and ...
Picture of Agrivite poultry drink (30% off)

Agrivite poultry drink (30% of...

Poultry Drink - A high energy mineral supplement rich in iron in a sweet tasting sorbitol ...
Picture of Agrivite Mite Rescue Remedy

Agrivite Mite Rescue Remedy

Poultry Mite Rescue Remedy is a liquid complementary feed designed to assist with the r...
Picture of Coop 'n' Chook Care pack

Coop 'n' Chook Care pack

Care package includes; 1kgs Smite Organic mite & Louse powder + free powder applicator, 1 ...
Picture of D Cup Feeder / Drinker

D Cup Feeder / Drinker

D Cup Feeder / drinker 300ml with cage fixing hooks.
Picture of Practical Quail Keeping

Practical Quail Keeping

Sarah and Martin Barratt - A comprehensive guide from beginners through,in this handy book...
Picture of Weather Vane

Weather Vane

Dress up your coop with one of these awesome top quality NZ made weather vanes!
Picture of Wood Shavings

Wood Shavings

Untreated shavings suitable for brooder boxes, coops and any animal bedding
Picture of Automatic poultry drinker

Automatic poultry drinker

Automatic poultry drinker, Can be suspended or placed on flat surface - For low pressure w...
Picture of Mini Automatic Poultry / Chick Drinker

Mini Automatic Poultry / Chick...

Automatic poultry drinker, suitable for both chicks and Adults with its removable anti-dro...
Picture of Power surge protection device

Power surge protection device

Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your expensive equipment against random...