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Picture of NEW! Locking Door Kit

NEW! Locking Door Kit

Designed for use with Chicken Guard door controllers.
Picture of Extreme + Door Combo (Chicken Guard)

Extreme + Door Combo (Chicken ...

Self-Locking Door Kit + Extreme Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener
Picture of Premium + Door Combo (Chicken Guard)

Premium + Door Combo (Chicken ...

Self-Locking Door Kit + Premium Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener
Picture of Incubation Disinfectant 100mls

Incubation Disinfectant 100mls...

Genuine Brinsea disinfectant concentrate 100mls (Makes upto 10 litres.
Picture of Non Slip Hatching Mat

Non Slip Hatching Mat

Re-usable rubberised matting for providing an easy to clean non-slip surface especially fo...
Picture of Incubation Starter Pack

Incubation Starter Pack

Our new Incubation Starter Pack contains essential items for great hatches and to improve ...
Picture of Brinsea EcoGlow Safety 600 Chick Brooder

Brinsea EcoGlow Safety 600 Chi...

Just landed! Available now for immediate dispatch! Just like a clucky hen, but electric? S...
Picture of Coop 'n' Chook Care pack

Coop 'n' Chook Care pack

Care package includes; 1kgs Smite Organic mite & Louse powder + free powder applicator, 1 ...
Picture of Electric, Portable Feather plucker.

Electric, Portable Feather plu...

With a capacity of approx 30 to 40 birds per hour.
Picture of Feather plucker fingers (Per each)

Feather plucker fingers (Per e...

Soft, tapered plucking finger for Olba plucking machine or suitable for home made machines...
Picture of Gift Pack #2

Gift Pack #2

An 'extra special' little something for your feathered friends, great to get your kids int...
Picture of Practical Quail Keeping

Practical Quail Keeping

Sarah and Martin Barratt - A comprehensive guide from beginners through,in this handy book...
Picture of Rat Killa Trap

Rat Killa Trap

This heavy duty plastic rat trap is very easy to use and a safe and secure way of catching...
Picture of Roll-away nest insert

Roll-away nest insert

Rollaway nest inserts – (Please note, This product is not related to Nest-o-matic) These a...
Picture of Automatic poultry drinker large

Automatic poultry drinker larg...

Automatic poultry drinker, Can be suspended or placed on flat surface - For low pressure w...
Picture of D Cup Feeder / Drinker

D Cup Feeder / Drinker

D Cup Feeder / drinker 300ml with cage fixing hooks.
Picture of Mini Automatic Poultry / Chick Drinker

Mini Automatic Poultry / Chick...

Automatic poultry drinker, suitable for both chicks and Adults with its removable anti-dro...
Picture of 1 Litre Mini Cup Drinker

1 Litre Mini Cup Drinker

Drinking bottle 1 Litre + drinking cup and bracket. Suitable for adult chooks.
Picture of Float Valve - 280mm

Float Valve - 280mm

Float Valve, 280mm with 3-4" connection.
Picture of Water Header Tank

Water Header Tank

Pressure reducing Water Header Tank to reduce mains pressure water to gravity-fed water su...
Picture of 9mm PVC hose (per metre)

9mm PVC hose (per metre)

9mm Heavy Duty Two-layer PVC Hose - Sold per Metre.
Picture of T Joint 10mm

T Joint 10mm

T Joint 10mm for use with 9mm PVC Hose
Picture of L Joint 10mm

L Joint 10mm

L Joint 10mm for use with 9mm PVC Hose
Picture of Power surge protection device

Power surge protection device

Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your expensive equipment against random...