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Friday, August 14, 2015

It’s hard to believe we haven’t written since February this year - pretty shocking we know, but it just goes to show how time flies when you're busy - And busy it's been!

As you are well aware, here at Chook Manor we’re continually striving to source and supply you and your feathered friends with the best quality products and at the best possible prices - Since taking on the Brinsea Incubator agency almost 3 years ago, we have been introduced to many more opportunities abroad.

We don't mean to sound prejudice, but the influx of cheap Asian poultry products is starting to test us all and let’s face it, having to replace products regularly is false economy and a jolly inconvenience when they fail - So we are pleased to introduce a full range of high quality products from Europe.

And for peace of mind, Our new range of feed-o-matic products, which are all imported direct from Holland carry a full 12 month guarantee!


'New' Feed-o-matic treadle feeders - super easy to train and even the most timid of poultry will learn how to use these fantastic feeders in a matter of days. Available with either 12kgs or 20kgs capacity.

Made from extra heavy duty 1.0mm thick Galv Steel with UV resistant nylon lid and treadle. Totally weather proof and no more wasted feed going to the local wildlife Click here for full details



Check out our new range of high quality super Heavy Duty drinkers. Frost and UV resistant, so no more cracked drinkers after a hard frost.

We have deleted the old Crown range of feeders and drinkers with these new high quality products imported from Holland, The large 12L drinker is priced at only $29.90, cheaper than the smaller 8L drinkers from Taiwan, and the new super sized 18L bucket drinker which can be topped up at any stage and has its own built in float so keeps the water at a constant level. We have this available with or without legs and are priced from as little as $39.90  P & P.

New hopper feeders from a small 1.0kgs to larger 6 kgs capacities - no more losing nuts and bolts with these feeders and all supplied with their own covers to stop naughty hens perching on and soiling their feed. For further details, please click here.


Feeders and Drinkers too large? Do you need something for the little ones? then chick out our new range of specialty breeding products, from small troughs to bottle and nipple drinkers - we've got everything you need to make life simpler. See here for further details



Is your old Incubator not playing ball, too small or you've simply had enough of failed hatchings? - we've just landed a large shipment of Brinsea Incubators and brooders just in time for spring breeding, Included is the very latest addition to the OvaEasy range of cabinet incubators, the OvaEasy 100, we tried to estimate sales on these new machines, but it seems we have under estimated the need for a small / mid range cabinet machine and have almost sold out of these little gems. Take a look at the new cabinet range here - By the way, if you want reliability, All Brinsea incubators now boast an unbeatable 3 years guarantee...

Chook Manor are also proud to announce the arrive in late December of the Black Chick Incubator range - click here for full details.


Don't forget, we also stock a full range of small and mid range incubators and a large range of brooding equipment too - something to suit everyone's budget. Click here to see our full range of incubation and brooding equipment.



And last, but definitely not least, we would like to do a BIG shout out to our new associate Wendy Majoor, Wendy has joined us with  "Chooks 'n' Things" as a full stockist of poultry products and incubators from Chook Manor. Based in Pukekohe, south of Auckland, Wendy will eventually be servicing the north from all of the Waikato up to Cape Reinga. Wendy joins us with a wealth of knowledge with all things poultry and excellent experience with incubation. Chooks 'n' Things already has a large range of products including incubators and accessories, but there is still more to follow in the coming months.

At this point and time, we will continue to service all of NZ from our Christchurch base - but if you prefer, we are more than happy for those of you from Waikato northwards to contact Wendy directly via her temporary website here or via facebook or simply drop her an email at sales@chooksnthings.co.nz or Phone: 09 238 7145 / Mob: 021 049 0138.

Welcome Wendy, we are really looking forward to working with you over the coming years.

 That's all for now folks, many thanks for taking the time to read and until next time - Remember, A healthy Chook is a Happy Chook 

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